Chicago White Stockings

Est. 1991



PGBL Champions – 1998, 2000, 2001

Ownership Group


Grace Brothers Department Store


Young Mr. Grace - President



Old Mr. Grace – Vice President



Front Office Directory


General Manager – Cuthbert Rumbold



Secretary to Mr. Rumbold – Miss Belfridge



Director of Minor League Operations – Chet Lemon


Director of Major League Operations – Alex Fernandez



Coaching Staff


Manager – Cito Gaston


Major League Hitting Instructor – George Bell


Major League Pitching Instructor – Todd Stottlemyre


Major League Catching Instructor – Jacques Plante


Minor League Hitting Instructor – Junior Felix


Minor League Pitching Instructor – Floyd Bannister


Minor League Fielding Instructor – Devon White


Minor League Catching Instructor – Sean Burke



Stadium Operations


PA Announcer – Tony Kornheiser


Radio Broadcast – Ed Farmer and Bill Baker


TV Broadcast – Wayne Larrivee and Steve Stone


Groundskeeper – “Grizzly” Glen



Team Enforcer – Attila the Hun


Team Musicians – Fear Factory, The Cure, Oasis and Jose Feliciano


Head Usher – Captain Peacock



Stadium Maintenance – Mr. Harman



Souvenir Shop Employees


Men’s Department


Dick Lucas (left) and Wilberforce Humphries



Women’s Department


Mrs. Slocombe (left) and Miss Brahms



Head of Concessions – Mrs. Jarswick




Team Nurse – Young Mr. Grace’s Nurse



Friends and Sponsors